Hey y’all!

My name is Emma Gaulke and I am serving as the 2019 Clemson Alpha Phi chapter president!  On behalf of the sisters of the Iota Rho chapter, I would like to welcome you to our official website!

Our sisterhood is truly unique in that girls from all across the country come together to form a strong, empowered sisterhood that is unparalleled on Clemson’s campus.

Coming to college from near or far can be a scary process; being away from home, living in a dorm, having to make all new friends, and so much more. Clemson Alpha Phi strives to make the transition to college easier by providing you with a group of girls, who will challenge you, support you, and become your family - your sisters!

My favorite thing about our chapter is our genuine sisterhood. I love walking into a classroom on the first day and knowing that I already have someone to sit with, going to the library and finding sisters who already have a table I can pull a chair up to, and having sisters in my dorm that I could always walk to chapter or mixers with. Even though we have over 200 girls in our chapter, it may seem strange to think that you can have over 200 friends in a matter of minutes but starting on bid day, it really does happen. Running down to Alpha Phi that day gave me a stronger sisterhood and support system that I could have ever hoped for.

In my three years in Alpha Phi, I have grown more as a person than I ever thought possible. I never saw myself as a leader or even as someone who had the courage to raise their hand in a large crowd. The women of this chapter saw in me what I couldn’t even see in myself. They have lifted me up, supported me, empowered me, and are always there to catch me if I fall. I am the best version of myself because of Alpha Phi and my sisters.

As you enter into your time at Clemson, I encourage you to find women who push you to be the best version of yourself, not only as friends, but also as sisters. I am forever grateful to Alpha Phi and all the memories I have made thus far.

Please enjoy exploring our site further to catch a glimpse of into the life of a Clemson Alpha Phi. I hope you will see how amazing and inspiring the women of this chapter are and how our incredible sisterhood truly is.

Go Alpha Phi!

Go Tigers!


Emma Gaulke

Chapter President, Alpha Phi Iota Rho